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Product Review: Blockport, the easy-to-use European exchange

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Product Review: Blockport, the easy-to-use European exchange - Coinvision

We are proud to announce our new product review series. We believe that the blockchain space needs to have more working and successful products, made by great teams with clear go-to market strategies. It’s crucial to talk about those who not only promise, but actually build and deliver great platforms. From now on – we’ll be  featuring some of these great teams.

The first product being featured on Coinvision is Blockport, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Amsterdam that allows users to buy cryptocurrencies in amounts as small as €10,  and which plans to be a Coinbase-meets-eToro platform.


As already mentioned, Blockport is  an easy-to-use platform and the design team really nails usability and interface, and deserves a reward on usability. The platform is easy to use, the design is clean, and in less than 10 minutes we went from new user to KYC approved trader on the platform.

Funding the account

It’s possible to deposit a minimum of €10 Euro in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockport Token. Unfortunately, buying in euro is only possible by bank transfer. For us this is a downside  for a platform that’s looking to facilitate cryptocurrency purchases in the easiest way possible. We contacted the team about this and they assured us that the feature of credit card payments is in  the roadmap. We ended up transferring ETH from another exchange and started trading.


In a context of overly complicated cryptocurrency exchanges, Blockport feels like a fresh breeze of simplicity and usability, even when trading. We sold our ETH to BTC, and it took less than 10 seconds to accept the trade, and price difference from a reference exchange (Binance) was minimal. Our only criticism here is that whenever we need to change a trading pair we need to go back to the dashboard, instead of selecting the trading pair directly from the menu. Also, for reference please check their trading fees.


– Amazing design: Simple, clean, light
– Perfect for European users, as everything is in euro


– Doesn’t accept credit cards
– Few trading pairs
– Good for entry level, but once you need to start trading at a higher speed, it’s not the right exchange (not the point of Blockport anyways)


Even compared with Coinbase, the exchange that grew thanks to its simplicity and ease of use, we feel that Blockport is not behind. The platform is actually even easier to use than Coinbase and it’s perfect for the type of user that just wants to invest in cryptocurrency, make occasional trades and follow price changes in a simple manner.