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What is Blockport? 5 Top Benefits of the New EU Bitcoin Exchange

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What is Blockport? 5 Top Benefits of the New EU Bitcoin Exchange

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  • Blockport is a new, soon-to-be  be hybrid-decentralized Bitcoin exchange based in Amsterdam
  • The new Bitcoin exchange allows people to buy Bitcoin in Europe in amounts as small as €10
  • Blockport promises to be easy to use and allows traders to share tips and mirror other users’ trading strategies

What is Blockport?

In January 2018, the official Blockport ICO saw Europe’s newest Bitcoin exchange raise $10+ million in startup capital. Later in August, Blockport officially launched in Beta. Since this time, the hybrid-decentralized Bitcoin exchange has experienced paying user conversion rates which are more than double compared to conversion rates on Coinbase. Blockport is therefore expanding rapidly, and for a good reason.

Why interest in Blockport is expanding is simple. Blockport makes it easier to buy Bitcoin in Europe than on existing international exchanges like Coinbase. By being hybrid-decentralized, Blockport will also benefit from better security, and users are always in full control of their coin’s private keys.

1. Blockport is Striving to Become the EU’s Version of Coinbase

Several scandals currently surrounded Coinbase. Recently, the U.S. Bitcoin exchange partnered with founders of a deep-state hacking group to monitor the behavior of exchange users. Previously, Coinbase has also been accused of insider trading, price manipulation, and intentional freezing of user accounts during peak trading periods.

Prices for buying Bitcoin on Coinbase are also prohibitive. However, because the U.S. Bitcoin exchange has no real competition, Coinbase can make up its own rules as and when it wants to. Blockport is, therefore, striving to position itself as a viable alternative to Coinbase, to democratize trading and investing in cryptocurrency.

2. Buy Bitcoin in Europe & Benefit from eToro like Trading Features

Blockport’s lower fees and a smart-order-routing system that finds the best prices in the market mean that users can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at more competitive prices. However, Blockport doesn’t just make cryptocurrency more accessible to new-to-market users.

Similar to eToro, Blockport will allow users to share their cryptocurrency portfolio and trading strategies. This makes profitable trading easier for newcomers to the cryptocurrency space. More importantly, successful traders can earn commissions whenever their strategies are used by other platform users.

3. Blockport.io is Already up & Running

Blockport already has over 15,000  users, who are already using Blockport to buy Bitcoin in Europe and trade different digital assets. Increasing numbers of signups at Bockport, are also seeing the exchange expand quickly, having already more than doubled its complement of full-time staff members since August 2018.

4. Blockport Tokens (BPT) are Utility-Based & Performing Well

Users of Blockport benefit from lower fees than on exchanges like Coinbase when buying Bitcoin. However, users can benefit from a 50% discount by using Blockport tokens (BPT) to buy and trade cryptocurrency. BPT tokens are also used to pay commissions to traders who share their trading portfolio.

Thanks to having real utility value, BPT token prices have performed better than Bitcoin throughout the past 6-months. In August 2018,  BPT prices stood at just $0.07, while as of March 2019, BPT prices are almost 50% higher at $0.12 per token.

5. Early users can now Invest in Blockport Securities

In February 2019, Blockport began onboarding non-EU platform users for the first time and is also in the process of expanding into the U.S. To help do this, Blockport is soon  launching a multi-stage security token offering (STO).

Starting on the 31st of  March 2019, the Blockport STO will allow accredited investors in the U.S., as well as retail investors in the EU, and other jurisdictions, to invest in Blockport Securities (BPS). Different from BPT tokens, BPS investors will benefit from a partial (indirect) ownership stake in Blockport, which will entitle investors to receive dividends in future.

In total, Blockport plans to raise at least €15 million from its 2019 STO, which will facilitate rapid expansion of the platform into new territories.

We are stating our vision and opinions, we are not giving you financial advice and if you invest in cryptocurrencies it is your full responsibility. You are investing at your own risk. Always invest only what you can afford to lose and try to diversify your investments. Finally, do your own homework and learn about the project use case, roadmap and team.