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5 Reasons Why We Like Ankr Network

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5 Reasons Why We Like Ankr Network

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  • The Ankr blockchain is a low cost distributed cloud computing platform, designed to rival similar offerings by the likes of Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • An Ankr ICO held between 16th of September and 16th of October 2018, raised $14.5 million in total funding
  • The Ankr distributed cloud computing platform is the first to leverage Intel SGX hardware for enterprise-ready platform security
  • Tokens will be distributed and listed on Bitmax on March 5th, new exchanges will follow

What is Ankr?

Decentralized cloud computing storage is nothing new. Blockchain projects like Golem and Sia coin already allow users to lease, share and distribute cloud storage and network resources. However, no solution currently offers enterprise-level security. Nor comparable features to platforms like AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Founded in November 2017, Ankr and the Ankr blockchain eliminate trust and security concerns associated with existing decentralized cloud computing solutions. To do this, the Ankr blockchain leverages idle resources in trusted data centers. Moreover, there are five key reasons why Ankr tokens will likely start to pique investor interest in 2019.

1. The Ankr Blockchain Core Team

New blockchains are often brought to market by tech visionaries. However, skilled teams of developers often lack hands-on experience working in the industries they intend to disrupt. With Ankr, though, nothing could be more different.

At present, Ankr core developers include people like Stanley Wu, a former Amazon AWS lead engineer, and David P. Anderson, head of distributed computing projects like SETI@home.

More importantly, the Ankr team is comprised of no less than twenty-two individuals with direct experience working with brands like Uber, Huawei, and Google.

2. Product is Ready To Be Used

Several data centers are already starting to use Ankr to monetize idle computer resources and the product will be ready to use by token launch. This means Ankr team is on schedule to launch several enterprise level service tiers in Q3 2019.

Given the above, Ankr is much more than just another blockchain concept or work in progress. In fact, by the end of 2019, enterprise users will already be able to use Ankr to run computation-heavy applications like complex medical, geological, and weather simulations.

3. Ankr Strategic Partnerships

As well as already working with leading data centers, Ankr is already making critical strategic partnerships with major tech firms.

Celebrated as “the new kid on the cloud computing block,” Ankr recently struck a deal with Telefónica, Europe’s biggest telecom operator. This partnership allows Telefónica to monetize its own idle computer resources. Moreover, partnering with Telefónica has already added 44,000 kW of computational power to the Ankr network.

4. The Ankr Blockchain has the Power to be Genuinely Disruptive

At a basic level, Ankr promises to disrupt the monopoly which companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP), hold over the cloud computing market.

Taking on the likes of AWS isn’t practical at present, due to the sheer amount of investment and scale that would be required to build comparable data centers. Moreover, even then, AWS, Azure and Google would still be able to beat competing companies on price.

But Ankr is set to disrupt the $150 billion cloud computing market by following a different route and offer an alternative solution. Specifically, by making secure decentralized cloud computing resources available which are comparable to AWS, Azure and Google.

5. Good tokenomics

Ankr tokens are used by the Ankr blockchain to buy and sell idle computer resources on the Ank network. For this reason, Ankr tokens are utility based and designed to increase in value as more data centers, individuals, and enterprises, start interacting with the Ankr blockchain.

Also of note is the fact that pre-sale token sale in 2018, saw 12% of Ankr tokens locked for a period of six months. These tokens will only be unlocked in mid-2019. This means that initially, only 23% of tokens will be distributed, for a total USD value of $12,870,000.

We are stating our vision and opinions, we are not giving you financial advice and if you invest in cryptocurrencies it is your full responsibility. You are investing at your own risk. Always invest only what you can afford to lose and try to diversify your investments. Finally, do your own homework and learn about the project use case, roadmap and team.