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7. The Best Tools For Cryptocurrency Investing & Trading

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The Best Tools For Cryptocurrency Investing & Trading - Coinvision

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After learning the basics of cryptocurrency investing you need to start gathering your stack of tools. These are going to be the main resources you use everyday to get information, research and data that enables you to make the right due diligence before you make investments. This is the stack we use everyday.

1. Coinvision

We couldn’t start this list without referring our own solution, as it can greatly help you with your blockchain and cryptocurrency market research. Coinvision is professional and independent research platform on the most credible blockchain projects, including cryptocurrencies and token sales.

Everyday we dive in the projects progress and performance, investigating possible new investment opportunities and producing simple and objective content about our main conclusions. This content is then shared and discussed in our private community, which can be accessed by clicking here.

2.  Coinmarketcap

Coinmarketcap is the most trusted index for historical snapshots of cryptocurrency market capitalizations rankings. With this platform, you can check how the market is behaving and go deeper and learn in which exchanges coins are being traded, as well as other features.

3. Coinmarketcal

The most complete Cryptocurrency calendar, built and sourced by the community.

4. Cryptopanic

The simplest tool to quickly check the news that are influencing big market moves. Quick side note, we suspect Cryptopanic is somehow connected to Ripple, so always analyse their news with this in mind and with a critical eye. Nevertheless, it’s a great tool to be used daily on your market research.

5. Datalight

Datalight is an interesting data platform that let’s you customize your own charts. We use this tool to quickly access data about volume, hype and sentiment data for the top cryptocurrency assets.

6. Messari

Messari is a direct competitor of Datalight and gives even more details on the assets performances, some examples are Github commits, time since last cycle low, on chain data, ROI since token sale or 24 hour change against BTC.

This list is constantly being updated and new projects will be added soon. The ones that and described in the article are the ones our team uses on a daily bases, the base of our tool stack at Coinvision.