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6. How to Start Investing In Cryptocurrencies

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How to Start Investing In Cryptocurrencies - Coinvision

So now you’re ready to invest and know how to find the right exchange, but don’t go at it blindly and start risking your funds. There are opportunities everywhere, but also big market swings and you need to be prepared with the best fundamental and technical analysis.

So, as we’ve covered in the past articles, after being created, tokens can be sold in token sales and other similar events or be released directly to the market. For each token there’s a blockchain project associated and you should look at those projects has any other regular company.

You have projects ranging from online gambling to banking and insurance. Some are solid and have great teams working, others are just white papers with a business idea that will never generate revenue.

Our mission with Coinvision is precisely to make this research and analysis simple and easy to understand at analyse. We research on credible assets and deliver it to you on a daily basis, but that doesn’t you don’t do your own research. You have to do your homework and assume responsibility over your funds and trades.

Here’s how you can do it

  1. Go to the website of the coin/project that you’re thinking of investing in. Try to understand their business model, check if they have credible partners and an experienced team working full time.
  2. You are an investor, even if you’re only trading, you are buying into their business, check if they actually have or will have a business. are they making any money? How much money are they making?
  3. Do they have a working project? Just promises? Have you checked their Github for recent code submissions?
  4. Traction and community are key in cryptocurrency. Almost every coin has an associated subreddit, a Medium and a Discord or Telegram channel. If you really believe in the coin, join the discussion.
  5. Before buying, analyse the price history and learn the behaviour and the high and lows of the coin.
  6. If you’re still in doubt if it’s a credible coin or a useless project, search on Google for keywords like “scam” and try to understand the general sentiment about that coin.

Remember, we give you the research, but whether you’re a pro investor or a beginner you have to do your own homework. Also, we highly recommend joining our community to help expand your knowledge and increase your confidence.

Good luck!