Play2Earn Gaming: The Crypto Prophecies

Fiercely cute peer-to-peer price prediction game where everyone's a prophet.

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It used to be that the only way you could make serious money from video games was if you either created the game or if you put in the hours grinding away to attain Olympic-level finger dexterity, good enough to compete in tournaments for prize money. But somewhere along the development of gaming, people realized that the “coins” or “gold” – or whatever it is that stood for currency to buy items in a video game world – could be something that they could agree to have more than just make-believe value. When online RPGs like World of Warcraft (WoW) made it possible for players to trade rare weapons and items in a game, the exchanges spilled over into eBay and real-world black markets using actual fiat currencies. From then on, it was only inevitable that these fantasy gaming worlds and cryptocurrency space would soon overlap. 

But from a purely gaming standpoint, the game in question—The Crypto Prophecies—might seem overly simple compared to the graphics and elaborate storylines of the likes of WoW or Fortnite. There aren’t any encounters with gorgeously rendered battle-scarred orcs wielding massive war-axes or hours of exploring abandoned towns set in 3-D picturesque landscapes. Instead, there are these gummy bear-like creatures with shiny head adornments throwing puffy little fireballs at each other with their tiny magic wands. But where the unbearable cuteness ends is also where serious business begins because, in the ‘game’, these Crypto Prophets and your trading wits are all that stands between winning some and losing some. 

When Pokemon meets Crypto Trading

The game is pretty straightforward—you battle it out with other online players using your ‘Crypto Prophets’, with the same basic game mechanics as Pokemon. And like in the Pokemon world where there are hundreds of Pokemon to catch and train, each with varying abilities and with some species rarer and stronger than others, the The Crypto Prophecies’ world of Opulentos too is brimming with different races of Prophets which can cast different kinds of spells and with an assortment of magical items and weapons to use.

But unlike in Pokemon, where you take turns hurling attacks whose effectiveness depends entirely on your Pokemon’s experience level and special abilities, battling it out in The Crypto Prophecies also relies on the players’ actual trading experience and ability to read candlestick patterns to determine upward or downward trends. The player who makes the more accurate predictions (or rather—prophecies!) wins the battle and, more importantly, wins the wagered amount of tokens made before starting the match. 

A match can be as quick as making predictions across a set of ten candles at 10-second intervals (or a 100-second game) with a scoring system based on how quick you lock in a prediction for each candle. Each candle starts with 100 points that decrease as time runs out and the game moves on to the next candle. Guess correctly, and you win the corresponding points remaining when you made your prediction. Guess incorrectly, and you lose the same points. Your Prophet’s spells and weapons figure into the game by giving perks such as additional time for yourself or reducing time for your opponent, or by obstructing your opponent’s vision of the candles’ movements, among other maneuvers that are still to be found out.

To put it simply, it’s like a gamified version of any crypto-trading platform, but one wherein the profits are made off peer-to-peer wagers instead of market price increases. One can make the argument that it’s somewhat like futures trading but simplified to the point that even the absolute beginner trader can take it on. It’s packaged in a reassuring, fun, and bubbly interface that would make it appealing to people of all ages. After all, if one is going to be putting out money, why not have fun while you’re at it instead of just staring at dry graphs and blinking green and red numbers all day?

Summoning your Crypto Prophet

In what will be its first-generation release, four races of Crypto Prophets will be made available for summoning, humorously named with some rather obvious crypto references: the fire-wielding Satoshians, the Treant-like Etherians, the mind-controlling Ripptilians, and the mysterious and magically arcane Tezmanians. Knowledge of the game’s sparse backstory doesn’t seem to be a requirement. In fact, it’s pretty much the same fantasy tropes everyone has heard of somewhere before—” a peaceful nation and everything changed when the fire nation attacked”, that kind of thing (though not exactly like that). In any case, the gameplay really revolves around your Prophet.    

The Crypto Prophets themselves are acquired using Summoning Stones, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are limited in supply and are burned once the stone is used. The rarer the stone, the more chances there are for awakening and summoning a rarer and stronger higher rarity Prophet. The Summoning Stones can be bought in the game’s shop, and the supply for the first generation release is as follows:

Schorl Tourmaline Orbs (Common) 96,040 orbs

Green Chrysophrase Orbs (Uncommon) 13,720 orbs

Aquamarine Orbs (Rare) 1,960 orbs

Morganite Orbs (Epic) 280 orbs

Topaz Orbs (Legendary) 40 orbs

‘Common’ Crypto Prophets rely only on their own inherent abilities based on their race, but higher rarity Crypto Prophets have the advantage of being able to wield staffs, wands, or wear magical capes and even be accompanied by a pet or guardian (all of which are also NFTs). An ‘Uncommon’ Crypto Prophet, for instance, has the ability to wield one staff, giving it one extra advantage over a common opponent during gameplay. A ‘Legendary’ Crypto Prophet, on the other hand, has the ability to wield one of each kind of magical item, significantly increasing its perks during gameplay. 

Furthermore, collecting five Crypto Prophets from the same race and tier level gives the player the ability to burn their NFTs to acquire a stronger Crypto Prophet one rarity tier higher.

To see a sneak peek at gameplay, graphics, and development updates, check out The Crypto Prophecies’ official YouTube Channel at

The Crypto Prophecies promotional video.

$TCP and Tokenomics

Wagers are made using the $TCP coin, the game’s native utility ERC20 token (which means you need a major cryptocurrency like BTC or ETH to purchase it on most crypto exchange platforms). The token is also used to buy the game’s NFTs (such as orbs, staffs, wands, capes, and pets), as prizes in the daily draws, as payment for the ‘Kingdom Fee’, access to special events, and for ecosystem and governance rights. Governance rights are currently pegged at one vote per one $TCP token on minor proposals while the game is still in its development stage.

The $TCP tokens are distributed as follows:

Private sale (33.3%) 83,333,333

Strong holder offering (2%) 5,000,000

Liquidity (30%) 75,000,000

Ecosystem (13.2%) 33,000,000

Development (12%) 30,000,000

Founding Team (9.5%) 23,666,667

Total Supply 250,000,000

For each battle, 3 percent of the wagers made are ‘taxed’ by the Kingdom. Fifty percent of all taxes collected are then burned each day; 40 percent goes to prizes awarded in the game.The remaining 10 percent is used for the Kingdom’s upkeep (development support).    

Other Game Features

When not playing in the Battle Arena, players can lounge at the Courtyard, where they can socialize and chat with other players and get updated with ongoing match results. Here you can also add your friends as your “Fellows” (so you can build your own Fellowship!) and challenge other players from around the world to duel with. 

Daily players can win $TCP in the Daily Prize draw, where they earn tickets won from each battle they triumph in. The number of tickets one can win from each battle also increases depending on your Crypto Prophet’s tier level and the amount wagered. The more tickets, the more chances of winning in the Daily Prize draw. 

You can also build your reputation over time by making it into the Leaderboard, ranking you among the best of the best in making prophecies. Prizes will be awarded to top Crypto Prophets in different segments of the Leaderboard at regular periods, the amount of which varies depending on how much money the Kingdom makes.  

Overall Prophecy (Conclusion)

The Crypto Prophecies is a game that fills in that space between NFT games like Axie Infinity, and those who just generally feel like they’re playing a game when they’re trading cryptocurrencies on serious trading platforms. But unlike in Axie Infinity where most of the players don’t consider themselves as traders, The Crypto Prophecies leans slightly more appealing to the trading community who already have an established basic knowledge of the cryptocurrency market, but who might be interested in looking for profit elsewhere and are sensing what might be just the beginning of a gold rush in cryptocurrency gaming. 

Or it could also work the other way around, and the game could become a more convenient entryway for a gamer into serious trading or for the average person to get acquainted with cryptocurrency in general. Cryptocurrency does sound like it's shrouded in mystique after all, and one glance at a trading interface can scare most people away at the onset. But if you have stubby candy-colored characters trying their best to look menacing, then mass adoption does seem more plausible at some point soon.

Will it make you rich, though? $TCP seems to be ranging between $0.14 and $0.185 as of writing. With the game still yet to officially launch despite a June 2021 scheduled release, an initial reception is still awaiting. With that said, its early user referral system has already been maxed out with over 300,000 wallet addresses and sign ups. Wagers might initially start low, but with the game tokenomics designed to limit supply at a really fast pace as more and more players battle it out for the remaining orbs and magical items in the game, one can only speculate as to how fast this translates into significant gains and serious bets.

At any rate, we are really just seeing the dawn of cryptocurrency and NFT-based gaming, and this vastly huge terrain remains unexplored, and its wealth remains completely unknown. But what trading and gaming have in common has already long been known as solid wisdom throughout the ages: Fortune only favors the Bold!