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7 Alt Coins Likely To Pump In April

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Spring is here! The weather is warmer, the birds are singing and picnics in the park are only a few weeks away. Well, at least in some parts of the world as South of Europe or the West Coast in the United States. March was not a kind month for the crypto world, which seems to be going through an extended breathing period after a rollercoaster of a winter. Under this scenario, it is more important than ever to be picky about what projects you support. Here are our picks for April, enjoy:


What is Ethereum

Within the exception of the complete newbies, this one needs little introduction. Ethereum is the second biggest cryptocurrency live today, after Bitcoin. Besides being several times quicker that the original Bitcoin blockchain, Ethereum was the first to support smart contracts, which allows for the deployment of decentralized apps on top of its ecosystem, among many other things. Nearly all blockchain projects that are developing Dapps have launched their ICOs and services on top of the Ethereum network.

Why we like Ethereum

Ethereum has had a rough few months. While the project maintains its fundamental role within the blockchain ecosystem, being the support of the majority of the tokens in the market today, it has been struggling. Since its all time high of over USD$1400 in mid-January, the market’s second most valuable coin has fallen by USD$1000 and now stands at around $400. This has been the worst performing months in the coin’s history, but now, all indicators show that this is about to change. Spring will be Ethereum’s time to bloom once again.


What is Xuma

Xuma is building a blockchain-agnostic decentralized database that is designed to unify access to data. What this means is that the Xuma protocol will provide a storage solution for developers and users that can work on multiple blockchains in a trustless, private and secure manner with no operational downtime.

Why we like Xuma

Xuma remains relatively unknown to the crypto community, only being traded on Graviex, a recent exchange with HQ in Russia. The reason we are picking this one out, and the reason this project has caught the attention of everyone in the Coinvision community is because it supports and is supported by Masternodes, which at the time of writing are yielding over 1000% ROI per year. This feature, along with the company’s strong value proposition and very recent listing in the exchanges, makes it, for us, a hidden gem that will soon moon in value.

Bee Token

What is Bee Token

The Bee Token is making use of the blockchain to offer new and better solutions for the home-sharing economy. The system bypasses the need for a central authority like the one needed for AirBnB to work, allowing the hosts and guests to interact on a peer-to-peer basis and lowering the platform’s fees to nearly zero. The company’s platform, Beenest, is already operational and offers a number of accomodation options in several Californian cities, for which users pay using the native BEE.

Why we like Bee Token

We have been following Bee Token since its ICO in January. Last weekend, the company signed strategic partnerships with three major California-based tech events to allow attendees to book rooms through the Beenest platform at discounted rates, in another important step towards broader use.
However, what really attracted our attention to this coin this month is timing. The Bee Token distribution has ended, which means that if there is a dump coming, it will occur in the next few days, and will represent a good opportunity to buy.


What is ælf

Ælf is a decentralized self-evolving cloud computing network that powers a “highly efficient multi-chain parallel-processing system”. Now, what this means is that Ælf’s blockchain will operate like a central operating system that will support multiple side chains running besides it. This will allow developers to build their own customizable Dapps with full scalability and no speed restrictions created for specific purposes. In a way, it operates as a Linux for the blockchain.

Why we like ælf

ELF, the coin powering the Ælf ecosystem, is in clear accumulation zone. It has witnessed considerable in trading volume in the past few days, while the price still remains depressed and stagnated at around USD$0.50, which indicates a bounce waiting to happen. Beyond the technical analysis, in May the team is scheduled to deploy its operating system as well as its mainnet, which will bring a lot of investor attention to this token.


What is DRGN

DRGN is the token that powers the Dragonchain ecosystem. Developed at Disney’s Seattle offices under an incubator program, Dragonchain is, in essence, a platform that aims to simplify the integration of business services and applications within the blockchain ecosystem. It is data protection-focused and developer centred, allowing for the use of the most common programming languages like python, Java or C# for the development of Dapps.

Why we like DRGN

This month, the technical analysis is looking ripe for DRGN, which is going through an accumulation phase. Last week it recorded a slight pump but at current prices and indicators there is considerable space for growth. At the end of this month, the team will implement its Proof of Work system, the smart contracts library and its currency and block aggregation protocol, which will bring a lot of investor attention to a project that has already succeeded in bringing on the media spotlight upon itself.


What is AUGUR

User-generated information input for market price prediction, in a sentence, that is what defines the Augur ecosystem. REP token holders contribute real world information that they believe will have impact on the markets into AUGUR’s contracts. While the contributing users receive financial incentives for contributing to the network, other participants are also incentivized to correct those contributions if they believe them to be incorrect. The result is an oracle that is constantly fed and corrected by a hive-mind sort of system, which allows it to make predictions on where the markets will go.

Why we like AUGUR

After going through a difficult dead cross, AUGUR’s technical analysis suggests the token is preparing to rise again over the next few weeks. A clear accumulation phase is underway and while the value might still stumble slightly over the coming weeks the end of the month should see a considerable spike in the token’s value.


What is Lunyr

Imagine the wikipedia with decentralized servers and reward systems for reviewers and writers. That is what Lunyr is building, a decentralized and incorruptible library of human knowledge fed by user generated content and backed by a strong peer-review system. Contributors and reviewers are rewarded in LUN for their work. Their long-term game is the deployment of an application programming interface based around the platform’s accumulated knowledge, which should open new realms in the development of artificial intelligence-based and other advanced Dapps.

Why we like Lunyr

Over the last few months, Lunyr’s team has proven to be absolutely unstoppable. New announcements succeed each other at high speed and their adherence to their road map and goals, as well as strong community gives trust to investors, so it is a strong long term investment by every mean. The company has just released has just released its native Dapp for OSX and Linux, with the windows version coming soon, and is preparing the launch of its Nebula update in the coming weeks. From a TA perspective, the first days of April have seen an upsurge in volume while maintaining depressed prices at under USD$8, which is a sign of an impending mooning.

There you go! These are our picks for this month. Hopefully it will be a brighter ride than last month, but with cryptos you never know. So, as always, do your own research and invest only what you are willing to lose. We will be back soon with updates as the month goes by.
Happy trading!


We are stating our vision and opinions, we are not giving you financial advice and if you invest in this project it is your full responsibility. You are investing at your own risk. Always invest only what you can afford to lose and try to diversify your investments. Finally, do your own homework and learn about the project use case, roadmap and team.