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680% ROI With Coinvision's Selected ICOs in 3 Months

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Since July 2017 we’ve researched thousands of new projects, white papers, teams and ICOs so we could present our Coinvision Premium members with the most credible projects in the crypto market. We provided the due diligence and recommended 47 ICOs across different sectors and industries. Now, almost 1 year later, we’re pretty thrilled by the results (All the results were based on maximum possible results within the first three months of token listing).

Of the 47 ICOs we recommended, 27 are now on exchanges, and oh boy did they do well. Within the first three months on exchanges WABI and UTRUST alone multiplied investments by over 22x and 20x respectively. SALT, Cindicator, SingularityNET and QuarkChain all reached profits above 16x, while QuantStamp, BlockV and HEROCoin all multiplied our investors’ wealth by over 1000%. In all, those are 9 of Coinvision’s ICO recommendations that have multiplied investment by over 10 times, with two of those 9 multiplying investment by over 20 times.

We’re excited to confirm that on average, even including the lower performing projects, the ICO tokens we recommended have a staggering 680% average ROI against the USD within the first three months on exchanges. That’s right. On average.

Here are Coinvision's TOP 10 ICOs by ROI:

  • WABI (2225% ROI)
  • UTRUST (2054% ROI)
  • Cindicator (1900% ROI)
  • SALT (1887% ROI)
  • Singularity Net (1720% ROI)
  • QuarkChain (1631% ROI)
  • BLOCKv (1398% ROI)
  • HEROCoin (1110% ROI)
  • QuantStamp (1021% ROI)
  • INK Protocol (630% ROI)

Why do our alerts perform so well?

As one of the leading due diligence platforms in the market, we help our private community of investors discover credible crypto projects. We review each ICO based on a number of metrics: hype level, risk level, ROI, available MVP, pre-bonus sales, market cap, ICO price, as well as the experience and credibility of the team and advisers. This analysis removes the frustration for ICO hunters and new investors who are susceptible to scams, and helps to introduce them to the most viable projects.

An average of 680% ROI in ICOs is outstanding considering all the challenges in this current financial climate. In addition, find out how we got 43% ROI in this bear market.

"The best things I’ve learnt from being a Coinvision Premium member are the analysis techniques as well as ICOs, which I would never enter without Coinvision.”— @Rafael

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We are stating our vision and opinions, we are not giving you financial advice and if you invest in this project it is your full responsibility. You are investing at your own risk. Always invest only what you can afford to lose and try to diversify your investments. Finally, do your own homework and learn about the project use case, roadmap and team.

++ All results calculated using first 3-month listing peak price